Emeralds in Matrix - Brazil

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Emerald is a variety of beryl that possess and green hue due to the presence of chromium, and occasionally vanadium. Its name comes from the French word "esmeraude", first being used in the 14th century. Emeralds have been sought after for over 5000 years. Ancient civilization in Africa, Asia, and South America all prized their beauty. These are small emerald crystals that have been left in the matrix for size and stability. 

Emeralds are a symbol of loyalty and unconditional love. They promote compassion and unity among friends and family.

Chemical Formula: Be₃Al₂SiO₆

Size: 1-2 in.

Weight: ~2 oz

Location: Brazil, South America

You will receive one (1) emerald specimen similar to the ones pictured. Colors may vary based on screen size and resolution.