2.3 Inch Megalodon Tooth - Bone Valley, Florida

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This megalodon tooth is a great example of a Bone Valley tooth. While there is damage to the blade edges and the tip it still has a complete root and serrations! There is some great color to this specimen as it contains gray, green, browns, and yellows!

The Bone Valley Formation, also considered part of the Peace River Formation, is a geological location in central Florida that expands over four different counties. It has been dated as Middle Miocene to Early Pliocene. This area contains economically important phosphorite deposits that are mined and shipped all over the world. Because of the material present in this formation, the fossilization of teeth and bone here leads to soft specimens. 

Fun Fact: Bone Valley is considered one of the only fossil sites that served as a nursery for ocean life. This is why the vast majority of teeth found in this area are much smaller than those found in other areas of the world.

Length: 2.37 in

Weight: 0.80 oz

Species: Otodus megalodon (Previously Carcharocles megalodon)

Location: "Bone Valley Formation" Central, Florida

You will receive the Megalodon tooth pictured. Colors may vary based on screen size and resolution.

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