3.4 Inch Moss Agate Skull

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Size: 3.4 in.

Weight: 11.9 oz

There are not many things cooler than a skull carved from something pulled right out of the Earth. We here at Mineralogy have dozens of polished mineral specimens, including some very unique and interesting skull carvings! This moss agate skull has some very intriguing pockets of "moss" inclusions that you can get lost in! 

Commonly found in Brazil, India, Uruguay, and the United States.

Moss Agate is not a true agate and it does not contain actual moss. It is a silicon dioxide that contains metal impurities that create the moss-like effect within the stone. This unique patterning means that no two pieces will ever be the exact same. In Great Britain during the 18th century, Moss Agate was widely regarded as a stone of good fortune. European farmers use to hang this stone around their fields and on the horns of their oxen as they believe it led to a plentiful harvest. 

Moss Agate is considered a stone of new beggings. It is very useful for those who are in a transitional period of their life, making these changes slightly easier. It encourages a sense of tranquility and balance. 

Chemical Formula: SiO2

You will receive the skull pictured. Colors may vary based on screen size and resolution.

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