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Iolite, also referred to as cordierite in mineralogy, gets its name from the Greek word meaning violet. Another name is dichroite, meaning two-colored- rock. This is referring to iolite's strong pleochroism. This term is used for stones that show different colors when viewed from different angles in polarized light.

Iolite is often used to help is recovering one's balance and orientation. Many people use it to help regain motivation and organization. It is a stone of focus and determination. Those with very hectic lifestyles should use iolite to help regain order little by little.

Chemical Formula: (Mg,Fe)2Al4Si5O18

Commonly found in Germany, Norway, and the United States.

You will receive one (1) tumbled stone similar to the ones pictured. Colors may vary based on screen size and resolution.

Want to make your own necklace? Pair your stone with a necklace and wire cage!

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