Mystic Quartz Earrings - Sterling Silver - Faceted - 4mm

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Stone Size: 4 mm

Setting: Stud & Prong

Backing: Metal

Mystic Quartz is relatively new to the jewelry world. It was first introduced in 1998. This is natural quartz that goes through a laboratory process. Clear quartz is coated with an extremely thin layer of titanium. When light reflects over this layer of metal, it gives off a similar color scheme to that of an oil slick, with blue, purples, and greens being very prominent. If the treatment of the stone is not done properly, there is a chance it will slowly lose some color over time.

Mystic Quartz is said to help in times of doubt, lifting you up from dark times. It fills your heart with color and life. Quartz is used to program and amplify the intentions and energies you set forth. It is also paired with other minerals to magnify their properties.

You will receive earrings similar to the ones pictured, in the size you select. Colors may vary based on screen size and resolution.

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