Shungite Cellphone Tile

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We can not keep these cellphone tiles in stock. Every time we find them, they are gone within a week. With one sticky side, these tiles stick perfectly to any cellphone, tablet, or computer.

Shungite has gained traction over the years. It is a semi-rare stone composed of roughly 98% carbon. It was first found in the Russian village of Shunga. Shungite was first used in medicinal treatment in the 1700s. Having such a high content of carbon, modern science has proved Shungite has antibacterial properties that assist in water purification. The structure of the carbon within the stone has also been said to absorb EMF radiation from electronic devices.

Shungite is a stone of healing and detoxification. It assists in the elimination and transmutation of unwanted, negative energies.

Chemical Formula: Carbon-based mineraloid

Commonly found in Russia.

You will receive one (1) tile similar to the ones pictured. Colors may vary based on screen size and resolution.

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