Tanzanite Ring - Sterling Silver - 10x8mm

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Stone Length: 10 x 8 mm

Tanzanite is a blue/violet variety of zoisite found exclusively in northern Tanzania, making it one of the rarest minerals out there. Its color is caused by small amounts of vanadium, first forming almost 600 years ago during the Ediacaran Period. It is famous for its trichroism, appearing in different colors depending on the orientation of the crystal. These can be blue, violet, red, yellow, or green. This mineral was first introduced into the jewelry market in 1968 by Tiffany & Co. 

Tanzanite assists in dissolving old or negative patterns. It is used to help stimulate intuition and perception. Many believe tanzanite is successful in detoxifying the body.

You will receive a ring similar to the one pictured, in the size you select. Colors may vary based on screen size and resolution.

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