Vintage Fire Opal Jar - Mexico (1980s)

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Fire Opal is very similar to what most people expect from opal specimens. Fire opal just contains a higher percentage of warm colors such as orange, yellow, and even gold. This variation of opal does not usually contain too many flashes of color. Occasionally, you may find flashes of green. Often these opals are cut and polished into spheres because trying to remove the opal from the rhyolitic host material would be too difficult. 

Opal is a form of amorphous silica. This means it forms with no true crystal structure. Opal can naturally contain up to 20% water. Opal is not a mineral, but a mineraloid because of its lack of structure. On a microscopic scale, opal contains spheres of silica, giving rise to the flashes of color we all know and love. The matrix associated with opal can be almost any visible color, most commonly white, occasionally black. 

Opal is used in helping boost optimism, enthusiasm, and creativity. It is often used in stimulating intuition and insight. Opal picks up thoughts, feelings, and desires and amplifies them.

Fun Fact: Opal was first found over 2400 years ago. It was also mentioned by the great philosopher Plato.

Location: Mexico

Size: 5.6 x 1.4 in.

Weight: 9.45 oz

You will receive the specimen jar pictured. Colors may vary based on screen size and resolution.

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