About Us

Mineralogy specializes in everything mineral, fossil, and jewelry. Founders Jacob and Charles combined their knowledge and passion to create one store that possesses everything you need when it comes to the natural beauty of the earth and how to display it. Jacob, following his love for minerals as a young child, has worked in the field for some time, owning previous companies and furthering his knowledge over the years. Charles, a professional fine jeweler of nearly two decades, brought his wisdom of jewelry along with a fascination for fossils to the company.  Weaving the passions of their respective fields has allowed Mineralogy the unique opportunity of being able to find a stone, identify it, cut it, polish it, and set it all under one roof, by one team who loves what they do.


Found a rock in the backyard and need help figuring out what it is? Mineralogy will tell you.

Broke your childhood necklace but can not fix it? Mineralogy will fix it.

Wanting a museum quality display piece for your new home? Mineralogy will find it.

Need a one-of-a-kind ring to propose to your loved one? Mineralogy will create it.

Mined your own gem and want to use it for jewelry? Mineralogy will clean, cut, and set it.


Everyone here at Mineralogy loves what we do, and we will pass that care and consideration to each and every one of our guests.


Our Products Include...

  • Mineral & Fossil Specimens of All Sizes
  • Custom Jewelry for All Budgets
  • Tumbled & Rough Stones (Including Bulk Orders)
  • Natural Home Decor: Chess Sets, Geodes, Crystals, & Bookends
  • Carved Gemstone Spheres, Eggs, Pyramids, & Animals
  • Metaphysical Supplies: Selenite, Singing Bowls, Sage, Pendulums, Chakra Kits, & Himalayan Salt
  • Lapidary Slabs, Cabochons, Faceted Stones, & Custom Stone Cutting