Where do you get your inventory?

Over the years we have built professional and friendly relationships that allow us to bring you the beauty of the Earth. Whether you are asking about our minerals, fossils, or jewelry, we take the building of our inventory very personally. More often than not, we are hand-selecting pieces for our collection whether from across the world or right down the road.

Do you buy collections?

Yes! We often purchase specimens from all kinds of personal collections. However, this is very dependent on what we currently have in stock and what you have to offer. If you are interested in parting with your collection please do not hesitate to contact us!

Can I buy wholesale items from Mineralogy?

Yes! We offer wholesell purchasing on various items. Our tumble and raw stones are a very popular wholesale item. Please contact us with questions.

Do you provide certificates of authenticity (COA)? 

Yes, if requested. We do not issue COAs with every purchase but please contact us if you would like one. All of our minerals and fossils are 100% authentic unless stated otherwise. We always do our best to disclose any and all information in regards to dyeing, repairs, and restoration of any specimens.

Do you sell gift cards?

Absolutely! We have both online and in-store gift cards for purchases. These are a great way to show someone you care but also make sure they get just what they want. After all... we have a lot to choose from!



Are all of your stones natural?

99% of them are! We at Mineralogy do our absolute best to collect and distribute genuine minerals, gems, and fossils to everyone! We disclose any and all information in regards to authenticity, repairs, and reconstruction of any kind when we are able to identify such occurrences. The only manmade stones we currently carry are...

Goldstone(s) - Manmade glass with added flakes of metals such as copper, cobalt, etc...

Opalite - Manmade glass with added dolomite for an opalescence effect.

Orgonite - Manmade resin with genuine minerals/gemstones inside.

Dyed Agates - Genuine agate slices or geodes that have been dyed to achieve a more vibrant and eye-catching color.

Blue Howlite - Genuine Howlite that has been dyed a bright blue.


Birth Stones

January - Garnet


February - Amethyst


March - Aquamarine


April - Diamond/Topaz

Diamond Topaz

May - Emerald


June - Alexandrite/Pearl


July - Ruby


August - Peridot/Spinel

Peridot Spinel

September - Sapphire


October - Opal/Tourmaline

Opal Tourmaline

November - Topaz/Citrine

Topaz Citrine

December - Turquoise/Tanzanite

Turquoise Tanzanite


 Zodiac Signs

Capricorn - Dec. 22nd to Jan. 19th

Aquarius - Jan. 20th to February 18th

Pisces - February 19th to March 20th

Aries - March 21st to April 19th

Taurus - April 20th to May 20th

Gemini - May 21st to June 20th

Cancer - June 21st to July 22th

Leo - July 23rd to Aug. 22th

Virgo - Aug. 23rd to Sep 22nd

Libra - Sep. 23rd to Oct. 22nd

Scorpio - Oct. 23rd 32 Nov. 21st

Sagittarius - Nov. 22nd to Dec. 21st



Where do you get your sage?

All varieties of sage here at Mineralogy are certified, ethically, and sustainably sourced from reputable companies across the country.

Do the shapes of the minerals matter?

They can! Many people believe different shapes have various effects on how energy is directed.

Wands are used for directed energy towards specific areas.

Rounded Stone/Spheres are used to aid in healing and comfort.

Towers/Pyramids/Points are used to draw energy towards an area.

Sacred Geometry is dependent on the structure. Straight lines and angles symbolize structure and order while curves symbolize connection and community.