Megalodon Tooth Halves

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Click here to learn the science and history behind Megalodon!

These Megalodon tooth halves are a great buy for anyone interested in science, history, or anywhere in between. One of the weakest parts of a fossilized shark tooth is right down its midline. After millions of years of wear, it is common for teeth to spit into perfect halves. There have been many times when divers actually find the separate halves in the water and are able to match them back up. They have been carefully cleaned and prepped right here in the Mineralogy galleries.

Megalodon was the largest shark to ever swim the seven seas. It is estimated that females grew the largest, upwards of 60 feet in length and weighing nearly 150,000 pounds. The fossilized teeth from these monsters have gained popularity as anyone can find one that fits their budget. Megalodon teeth are found all around the world!

Size Range: 3-5 in. long

Location: 40 Miles off North Carolina Coast (100’ below sea level)

You will receive one (1) Megalodon tooth partial similar to the ones pictured. Colors may vary based on screen size and resolution.

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