Aquamarine with Muscovite Mica - Pakistan

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This specimen of aquamarine is one up there among the best. Dozens upon dozens of perfectly terminated crystals lay stacked atop one another with blades of muscovite mica just the right amount of shimmer. There is minimal damage to this large cabinet-sized specimen. 

Length: ~ 6.75 in.

Weight: ~33 oz

Aquamarine is a blue, beryl gemstone that forms with a hexagonal crystal structure. Crystals of this mineral often grow in open cavities within the Earth's surface. Pure beryl minerals are colorless. The colors produced in aquamarine are due to trace amounts of iron. Ferrous iron (Fe2+) causes the blues while ferric iron (Fe3+) causes the yellows, allowing aquamarine to often crystallize with slight green hues.

Aquamarine is known as the stone of courage and cleansing. It assists in reducing stress while quieting the mind. Aquamarine is a partner in letting the past go while healing trauma. 

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