Blue Apatite in Orange Calcite

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Orange Calcite gets its name from the German word "calcit" meaning limestone. Calcite is found all over the world in a wide variety of colors. The color of the stone is dependent on the other minerals or metals contained within it. The largest piece of calcite ever found came from Iceland!

Orange Calcite is typically used to energize and cleanse. Many will also use this mineral to help balance emotions and release feelings.

Blue Apatite is a calcium phosphate mineral that was first discovered in the late 1700s. Apatite comes from the Greek word "apate" meaning deceive. This is because it was confused with other minerals such as tourmalines and beryls. Apatite is found in the teeth and bones of all vertebrate animals. 

Blue Apatite is great for clearing confusion and frustration. This stone assists in the expansion of knowledge and acceptance of truth while easing sorrow.

Chemical Formula: CaCO₃ & Ca5(PO4)3+(F,Cl,OH)

Commonly found in Brazil.

You will receive one (1) rough stone similar to the ones pictured. Colors may vary based on screen size and resolution.

Want to make your own necklace? Pair your stone with a necklace and wire cage!

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