Blue Goldstone Bracelet

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Stone: Blue Goldstone

Bead: Round 8mm

Average Length: 7 in.


Blue Goldstone is a man-made glass that contains metallic inclusions of cobalt. Glass is heated to molten temperatures before allowing it to slowly cool. The slow nature of this process allows the metals in the glass to form microscopic crystals. It is the light reflecting off these crystals that give rise to the colors of the stone. This is known as "aventurescence." The earliest known piece of goldstone was discovered in Iran, dating back to the 12th century.

Blue Goldstone is said to help build both ambition and confidence. It encourages drive and motivation. Blue goldstone is a must-have for any work adventure.

Our gemstone bracelets are a favorite for many of our customers. Each one is composed of genuine gemstones. We have pretty much every color under the sun for you to choose from! If you want one that we do not carry, send us an email. We can make it for you!

You will receive one (1) bracelet similar to the one pictured. Colors may vary based on screen size and resolution.

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