Brittle Star - Morocco

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Brittle stars, also referred to as serpent stars, are closely related to your everyday starfish. They could reach lengths up to 4 feet long and live at depths up to 650 deep! There are over 2000 species of brittle stars that still roam the oceans today. They are first seen in the Early Ordovician (~500 million years ago), and are found all over the globe today. They are an interesting fossil to have in your collection as they have unique characteristics. Plus, who doesn't love the look of a starfish?

Size: 4.68 x 4.11 x 0.82 in.

Body Measurements: 2.42 in. Body Length & 1.09 in. Body Width

Weight: 16.30 oz

Species: Ophiuroidea sp.

Location: Morocco

You will receive the fossil starfish pictured. Colors may vary based on screen size and resolution.

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