Canyon Diablo Meteorite - Arizona, USA

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The Meteor Crater, also known as the Barringer Crater, is located in Arizona, United States. Meteorites found near this impact zone are referred to as Canyon Diablo Meteorites because of their adjacent location to Cañon Diablo. This crater is nearly 3/4 miles in diameter and 560 feet deep. It was formed around 50,000 years ago during the Pleistocene epoch but remains privately owned by the Barringer family. This leads to the Barringer Crater Company claiming it the be the "best-preserved meteorite crater on Earth."

The largest fragment ever found was the Holsinger Meteorite, weighing just over 1400 pounds. This fragment can be seen on display in the Meteor Crater Visitor Center on the rim of the crater. In 1953, iron isotopes found in fragments of the particular meteorite were used to refine the estimated age of the Earth at just over 4.5 billion years old.

Owning a piece of natural history that came from beyond our planet is something special, to say the least. The average composition of a Canyon Diablo meteorite consists of a mixture of some of the following minerals: Cohenite, Chromite, Diamond, Graphite, Haxonite, Kamacite, Schreibersite, Taenite, Troilite, Moissanite, and Base Sulfides.

Meteorite Class: Iron

Location: Coconino County, Arizona

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