Jade & Peridot Bracelet - Sterling Silver

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 Weight: 0.65 oz

Length: 7 - 8 in. long

Specifics: 10 Stones with Toggle Clasp

Jade can come in a couple of different forms, nephrite and jadeite. It is a silica-based gemstone with calcium, sodium, or aluminum. It is prized in both Latin American and Asian cultures. Its name is derived from the Latin word "ilia" meaning flanks. Jade has been used for both medicinal, jewelry, and religious purposes for over 5000 years.

Jade stabilizes individuality, personality, and self-sufficiency. Many believe jade to be the best stone for attracting good luck, health, and friendship.

Peridot is a variety of olivine. It is a mystery where peridot gets its name. The hue of green depends on the percent and arrangement of its iron contents. Peridot occurs in silica-deficient rocks such as volcanic basalt. Peridot is one of just two gemstones that is not formed in the Earth's crust but in the mantle. It is extremely hard to find high-grade peridot and much of it is damaged as it moves to Earth's surface over time. Peridot is unique as it can also be found in pallasitic meteorites.

Peridot is known as the stone of compassion. It helps balance the mind and emotions while inspiring eloquence and creativity. It brings good health, restful sleep, and peaceful relationships.

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