Dioptase, Chrysocolla, and Malachite - D.R. Congo

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This is a combination of minerals that can not be passed up! Here we have a perfect example of dioptase crystals coated in a thin growth layer of chrysocolla and malachite. Those who collect primarily copper-based minerals may not even have specimens like this n their collection. This is a unique piece that will take your collection to the next level.

Size: 1.88 x 1.56 x 0.68 in.

Weight: 0.55 oz

Dioptase is a fragile, copper-based mineral that has been used for almost 9000 years. It got its name from the greek words "dia", meaning doubling, and "optos", meaning visible in the late 1700s. This discovery first occurred in Kazakhstan where they believed they had found emeralds until further analysis took place. This mineral is often cut and used in jewelry in addition to being ground into pigments.

Malachite is a copper carbonate mineral that can often be found in botryoidal, fibrous, or stalactite formations. Its name is derived from the Greek words "molochites lithos", meaning mallow-green stone. This is because is its close resemblance to the green leaves of the mallow plant. Records show that Malachite has been mined for almost 4000 years where it was smelted to obtain copper. It is frequently associated with azurite, calcite, and quartz. Malachite, similar to many other minerals, was used to create a green pigment for a long time. It is also used for decorative purposes in home decor and jewelry.

Chrysocolla is a hydrated copper silicate mineral. Its name comes from the Greek words "chrysos" and "kolla" meaning gold and glue, respectively. It is often associated with other minerals such as quartz, azurite, malachite, and various other copper minerals. It most commonly forms in veins or botryoidal masses. 

Dioptase is often associated as a stone to help with emotional grief, depression, and trauma. It is said to help "reset" your emotional state, allowing you to put forth more strength and effort in your confidence and acceptance.

Malachite is known as a stone for transformation. It assists in seeing the good around you while spotting negativity and toxic relationships.

Chrysocolla is known as the stone of expression, empowerment, and teaching. It embraces inner wisdom while relieving fear, anxiety, and guilt. Many say it heals a broken heart.

Chemical Formulas: Cu₂CO₃(OH)₂ & Cu₂H₂Si₂O₅(OH)₄ & CuSiO2(OH)2

Location: Democratic Republic of the Congo

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