Double Terminated Labradorite Wand

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Size: 3.2 in.

Weight: 2.1 oz


Labradorite is a calcium-rich variety of feldspar. First discovered in Labrador, Canada, it contains brilliant flashes of color known as "labradorescence." Occasionally these colors showcase parallel lines running down the length of the mineral. This is described as twinning. Labradorite frequently displays blues, greens, and yellows, but can also contain pinks, oranges, and violets. These specimens have been polished on one side to showcase a wide range of colors. The remaining sides have been left in their raw form.

Labradorite is a great companion to assist with change. It is used primarily for strengthening intuition.

Chemical Formula: (Na,Ca)₁₋₂Si₃₋₂ O₈

Commonly found in Canada, Poland, Madagascar, China, and The United States.

You will receive the point pictured. Colors may vary based on screen size and resolution. The colors of the specimen will depend on the angle of display. Stand not included.

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