3.6 Inch Dragon Stone Skull

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Size: 3.6 in.

Weight: 15.05 oz

Commonly found in South Africa

There are not many things cooler than a skull carved from something pulled right out of the Earth. We here at Mineralogy have dozens of polished mineral specimens, including some very unique and interesting skull carvings such as this one! Dragon stone is perfect for skull carvings. The veins of quartz match the aesthetic of the carving perfectly!

Dragon Stone, or Dragon Blood Stone, is a combination of green epidote and manganese-rich red epidote. Some argue the red is actually piemontite, but recent analysis suggests otherwise. It gets its name from the green of "dragon skin" and the red of "dragon blood'.

Dragon Stone is used in attracting luck, wealth, and prosperity to your life. Many work with this stone to channel their inner warrior and adventurer, targeting the fun, energetic aspects of their life. 

Chemical Formula: Al2Ca2FeH2O13Si3

You will receive the skull pictured. Colors may vary based on screen size and resolution.

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