Rooted Mammoth Tooth - Alaska

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This is one of the largest Mammoth teeth we have ever had the pleasure of displaying in our galleries. This fossil specimen is sure to be a centerpiece for a collection of almost any size, in any room.

Length: ~ 8.25 in.

Weight: ~ 83 oz

Fossil Type & Species: Body Fossil & Mammuthus primigenius.

Location: Brooks Range, Alaska

Almost everyone has heard of the great Wolly Mammoth. The truth is, there were a few different species of mammoth that lived all over the world. It is believed that the genus Mammuthus sp. first developed around 5 million years ago in southern Africa. Mammoths migrated up through modern-day Asia, across the Bering Land Bridge, and down into the Americas. Living until just 5000 years ago, lasting from the Pliocene Epoch to the Holocene, it is likely mammoths were still alive during the construction of the Great Pyramids of ancient Egypt. 

Although many people believe overhunting by humans contributed to the extinction of mammoths, the latest research suggests otherwise. Climate change taking place during their time caused sea levels to rise, saturating the landscape and decreasing food supplies. This caused a significant decrease in the mammoth population. In 2017, DNA from mammoths was analyzed, giving rise to an additional theory that served as the nail in a very large-sized coffin. The DNA was riddled with genetic mutations likely caused by insufficient breeding patterns. This may have contributed to a loss of smell and changes to their outer coat.

This tooth was found in the Brooks Range of Alaska. It is likely the tooth is from the Pleistocene era, roughly 20,000 years ago. The diet of mammoths in these areas likely consisted of grasses, shrubs, and woody plants. They would have spent most of their day eating to fuel their bodies.

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