4.3 Inch Megalodon Tooth - North Carolina Coast

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Any teeth over four inches are sought after by novice and advanced collectors alike. This sandy-colored specimen would be a great addition to any collection. You may notice a tiny indention on the surface of this tooth. These are believed to be caused by the attachment of carnivorous clams. These little creatures often mistake rock and similar items for a mollusk, hoping to get their next meal. We have had some specimens with holes "eaten" all the way through the tooth!

Length: 4.3 in. on longest diagonal

Weight: 6.15 oz

Species: Otodus megalodon (Previously Carcharocles megalodon)

Location: 40 Miles off North Carolina Coast (100’ below sea level)

You will receive the Megalodon tooth pictured. Colors may vary based on screen size and resolution.

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