Moldavite Pendant - Sterling Silver

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Moldavite has taken the world by storm. This beloved stone possesses a very exciting and unique history. Around 14.7 million years ago, a giant meteorite split, striking the Earth in a few different locations. The impacts of this meteorite struck with such force, it threw liquefied debris into the air, allowing it to rain over the areas of Austria, Germany, and the Czech Republic. This molten silica cooled rapidly before the atoms could arrange in any crystalline structure. The vast majority of this "impactite" or "tektite" is found in the Czech Republic.

Moldavite is most often found in hues of green, but occasionally contains yellows and browns. This natural glass showcases gorgeous sprays across its surfaces, making it perfect for setting in jewelry. This lovely pendant is set in sterling silver.

Chemical Formula: SiO2(+Al2O3)

Metaphysically, Moldavite has been sought after for years. It is known as the stone of connectivity and transformation, helping combine your physical self with your higher self. Working or meditating with Moldavite can be a scary, yet rewarding experience. We highly recommend doing some research before working with and purchasing this stone.

All of our Moldavite is 100% authentic, found in the Czech Republic.

Pendant Length: 35 mm

Setting: Bezel

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