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Morganite, pink beryl, was first discovered in 1910 on a small island off the coast of Madagascar. It has gained popularity over the year with higher quality gems fetching almost $300 per carat as many mainstream media outlets suggest this gem as a lovely alternative to the traditional diamond. It gets its name after J.P. Morgan. Morganite is often purer in structure than other beryls such as emerald, making it more durable for settings. This is because it contains so few impurities. The largest-ever crystal of this mineral was discarded in Maine on October 7th, 1989. This crystal weighed 50 pounds and measured 12 inches in diameter.

Morganite is associated with innocence, kindness, and love. It is connected directly to the heart, bringing healing and compassion. It is also known as the Crystal of Divine Love. Many use this stone to help cleanse the body of stress, anxiety, and hidden traumas.

Chemical Formula: Be3Al2(Si6O18)

Commonly found in Brazil Afghanistan, Mozambique, Namibia, Madagascar, and the United States. 

You will receive one (1) tumbled stone similar to the ones pictured. Colors may vary based on screen size and resolution.

Want to make your own necklace? Pair your stone with a necklace and wire cage!

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