Mosasaur sp. Tooth - Morocco

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Mosasaur sp. means lizard of the Meuse River. Contrary to popular belief, mosasaurs were not dinosaurs. They are an extinct group of marine reptiles that thrived during the Cretaceous Period. First discovered in 1764 it has been determined their closest living relatives are snakes and lizards. As ichthyosaurs and pliosaurs became extinct, mosasaurs ruled the waters until their extinction around 66 million years ago. These creatures are considered one of the most successful marine predators to ever live. With 40 different species described, their size ranged from just under 1 foot in length up to 56 feet long. It is likely they gave birth to live young. 

Average Small Measurement: < 1 in. & ~0.1 oz.

Average Large Measurements: > 1 in. & ~0.4 oz.

Species: Mosasaur sp.

Location: Morocco

You will receive one (1) fossil tooth similar to the ones pictured. Colors may vary based on screen size and resolution. Please note, the condition of these teeth varies as the matrix they are found in is often very soft, leading to natural damage.

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