Rose Quartz Pendulum

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Pendulums have gained popularity over the years as they are tools often used to help with spiritual guidance and decision-making. The authenticity of this method has been observed and studied for over 400 years. The use of a pendulum is known as "dowsing." It essentially acts as a transmitter through unseen influences, or your sixth sense, to help communicate this with you during use. Think of using a pendulum as "your little helper." Sometimes you have an answer deep within you that you are just not sure about yet. Other times you made need just a little nudge in the right direction.

Size: ~1.5 in.

Weight: ~0.3 oz

Rose Quartz is right up there with amethyst when it comes to popularity. This pink variety of quartz can be found all over the world and its uses date back almost 9000 years. Ancient Egyptians believed it could prevent aging while Romans used this mineral to signify ownership. The pink in this mineral is caused by microscopic inclusions of dumortierite. Rose quartz is used extensively in cabochons, beads, and tumbles stones, but is rarely seen as a facetted stone. This is because it is rarely transparent and does not compare well with other high-quality gems

Rose Quartz is a stone known for its loving characteristics. It fosters empathy and forgiveness toward others. It does this by releasing tension and stress bound to the heart. It is often used to clear anger and jealousy.

You will receive one (1) rose quartz pendulum similar to the one pictured. Colors may vary based on screen size and resolution.

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