Sand Dollars (Mepygurus marmonti) - Madagascar

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Although sand dollars can still be found on beaches today, this species is extinct and a distant relative. Sand dollars did not appear on the evolutionary tree until the Paleocene (~60 million years ago). Mepygurus marmonti dates back to the Late Jurassic Period, roughly 150 million years ago. Even though they may look harmless, these were actually predatory creatures, often feeding on the larva of crustaceans. These specimens also possess pentameral symmetry to their body structure, meaning they show fived-sided symmetry. These make a get piece to add to any collection as they have been polished to really show their beauty.

Average Length: ~3 in.

Average Weight: ~5 oz

Species: Mepygurus marmonti

Location: Madagascar

You will receive one (1) fossil similar to the ones pictured. Colors may vary based on screen size and resolution.

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