Soapstone Animals

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Our soapstone animals are by far one of our best sellers. We have dozens of different animals. We bet you can't collect them all! Whether you are just looking for your favorite animal or want to build a whole zoo, there is something just for you.

Soapstone is a form of metamorphic rock that is high in magnesium-talc. It is found in areas where tectonic plates are subducted. The change in heat and pressure found in these areas causes the formation. This stone has been used as a carving material for thousands of years because of how soft this stone is naturally. It has also been used in cooking and heating materials because of its high heat resistance. Soapstone has been found in ancient Egyptian amulets and obelisks. Native Americans used this stone for cooking and pipe carving. Vikings used soapstone to create cookware which they sold on their journies.

Stone: Soapstone

Weight: ~ 1 oz

Please allow for differences. Every animal is 100% unique in both its carving and color. They most commonly consist of brown, orange, yellow, red, tan, gray and occasionally green. We will hand-select each animal for you!

You will receive one (1) soapstone animal similar to the ones pictured, in the carving of your choice. Colors may vary based on screen size and resolution.

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