Sodalite Skull

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Size: ~ 1.5 in.

Weight: 1-2 oz

There are not many things cooler than a skull carved from something pulled right out of the Earth. We here at Mineralogy have dozens of polished mineral specimens, including some very unique and interesting skull carvings!

Sodalite is classified as a tectosilicate. Sodalite was first discovered in 1811 in Greenland. Its name is based on its sodium content. Although sodalite is typically known for its deep blue color, it can be yellow, green, gray, and even pink. It occasionally occurs alongside albite, calcite, fluorite, and barite. Many people often confuse sodalite with lazurite and lapis lazuli.

Sodalite encourages rational thought processes. It brings intuition, objectivity, and truth. It is perfect for helping verbalize thoughts and emotions.

Chemical Formula: Na₈Al₆Si₆O₂₄ Cl₂

Commonly found in Brazil, Bolivia, Canada, Portugal, Russia, Namibia, and Italy.

You will receive one (1) skull similar to the ones pictured. Colors may vary based on screen size and resolution.

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