Spinosaurus Tooth in Display Box - Morocco

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Learn about Spinosaurus aegypticus HERE!

Spinosaurus sp. teeth can be a tricky fossil to discuss online. There are many rumors as to why they are so cheap and they have been given a reputation because of it. Spinosaurus was a very prosperous dinosaur that lived in shallow water deltas in what is modern-day Morocco during the Cretaceous Period, specifically 112 to 72 million years ago. The majority of the teeth that come from this region are less than 3 inches long as Spinosaurus lost their teeth very frequently, similar to sharks. There are many specimens out there that have been restored and repaired pushing them over that 3-inch mark.

This tooth is a great example of what is found in Morocco today. It has good coloration and shape. You can see clear definition between the enamel and root.

Tooth Length: 3.17 in.

Display Box Length: 3.5 x 4.5 in.

Weight: .80 oz

Species: Spinosaurus sp.

Location: Kem Kem Beds, Taouz, Kem Kem Basin, Morocco

You will receive the Spinosaurus tooth pictured. Display box included. Colors may vary based on screen size and resolution. Please note, the condition of these teeth varies with each specimen as the matrix they are found in is often very soft, leading to natural damage.


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