Labradorite & Blue Topaz Bracelet - Sterling Silver

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Weight: 0.6 oz

Length: 6.5 - 8 in. long

Specifics: 10 Stones with Toggle Clasp

Labradorite is a calcium-rich variety of feldspar. First discovered in Labrador, Canada, it contains brilliant flashes of color known as "labradorescence." Occasionally these colors showcase parallel lines running down the length of the mineral. This is described as twinning. Labradorite frequently displays blues, greens, and yellows, but can also contain pinks, oranges, and violets.

Labradorite is a great companion to assist with change. It is used primarily for strengthening intuition.

Blue Topaz is deceiving rare. Prior to the 1970s, most topaz used in jewelry was yellow to brown in color. The majority of today's jewelry containing blue topaz has gone through a process known as gem treatment. This is when natural topaz, most commonly yellow, is exposed to high amounts of electron or gamma radiation. In short, this radiation exposure messes with the electron content of the topaz, essentially damaging the crystal on a molecular level. This changes the colors perceived by the human eye. The two most sought-after hues of blue topaz and known as Swiss Blue, and London Blue. Yes, blue topaz is safe to wear. Every company that works to create blue topaz has to be licensed by the Nuclear Regulatory Commission.

Blue Topaz is most commonly associated with compassion and communication. It is said to be the perfect stone to help build bridges and connections with those around you. It is also used to promote forgiveness, truth, and relaxation. 

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