Spinel & Cubic Zirconia Bracelet - Sterling Silver

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Weight: 0.65 oz

Length: 7 - 8.5 in. long

Specifics: 9 Stones with Toggle Clasp

Spinel comes in a wide variety of colors, often containing magnesium or aluminum. Commonly found in deep reds, it was not until 1783 that spinel was any different from the ever so sought after ruby. This mineral has been found all over the world including Brazil, Kenya, Afghanistan, Tanzania, Sri Lanka, and Madagascar. One of the world's most famous pieces of spinel jewelry includes the Black Prince's Ruby. It is a 170-carat, uncut spinel that was worn by king Henry V during battle.

Spinel is used to encourage passion, devotions, and longevity. It helps set aside the ego and boost intellectual power. It is also great for increasing physical energy and stamina.

You will receive the bracelet pictured. Colors may vary based on screen size and resolution.

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