Stilbite & Apophylite - India

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Size: 6.3 x 4.7 x 2.9 in.

Weight: 32.00 oz

Location: India

Stilbite is a member of the zeolite group of minerals. It can form with calcium or sodium and gets its name from the Greek word stilbein ( to shine), referring to its pearly luster. It typically forms in tabular, flat crystals that are most commonly pink or salmon in color. It can be found in many areas of the world including Iceland, Nova Scotia, India, and the United States.

Stilbite is most commonly used for its soothing properties. It contains a "quiet" joy that helps calm anxiousness.

Chemical Formula: NaCa4(Si27Al9)O72·28(H2O) or Na9(Si27Al9)O72·28(H2O)

Apophyllite actually refers to a group of phyllosilicates. It original was one single mineral but was redefined in 1978 to contain multiple minerals. It gets its name from the Greek word apophylliso, meaning flakes off. These minerals will flake apart when heated due to the loss of water within the mineral. These are often found as secondary minerals in basalt. Apophyllite minerals are most commonly white or clear with green being slightly more sought after.

Apophyllite is said to help bring balance between both your masculine and feminine energies, increasing harmony between them while reaching their full potential. IT is also used to increase awareness and intuition. 

Chemical Formula: KCa4Si8O20(F,OH)·8(H2O). & NaCa4(Si27Al9)O72·28(H2O)

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