Tatahouine Meteorite - Tunisia

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This interesting meteorite gets its name from the location where it was found. The area in Tunisia where it was discovered is the same location where many scenes from the Famous Star Wars movies were filmed.

This rare classification of meteorite is believed to have originated from deep within the 4 Vesta body. 4 Vesta is considered one of the largest objects in our solar system's asteroid belt, containing an estimated 9% of the asteroid belt's total calculated mass. 4 Vesta, first discovered on March 29th, 1807, is the only protoplanet that contains a differentiated interior, similar to what formed terrestrial planets. This asteroid is the visible brightness one from Earth, allowing it to often be seen with the unaided eye. NASA had a spacecraft named Dawn which orbited 4 Vesta for over a year during 2011 and 2012.

Discovery: Tunisia (Fell in 1931)

Classification: Diogenite 

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