Turquoise & Amber Pendant - Sterling Silver - With Insect!

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Pendant Length: 98 mm

Setting: Bezel

Turquoise is a hydrated mineral that contains both copper and aluminum. It is the inclusion of these metals that causes the blue/green color. Turquoise has had many names over the years including the Greek word "callais" and the Aztec word "chalchihuitl." However, its current name comes from the french word "turquoise", meaning Turkish. This is because it was first brought to the French through Turkish merchants. It is likely this mineral forms from deposits of hydrothermal copper sulfides. Precipitation has to flow through the Earth's surface, oxidizing the copper sulfides. This newly created solution reacts with the aluminum and potassium in the shot rock to help form turquoise. 

Turquoise is an excellent stone to work with during times of depression or increased anxiety. It helps promote self-realization.

Amber is a derivative from extinct groups of trees which during their time produced mass amounts of resin. Amber deposits date everywhere from the Eocene, Oligocene, and the Miocene. The resin protects trees by filling in any open gaps in the tree's bark covering. These gaps and gashes form when a tree is damaged or fed on by certain insects. The resin fills this hole and acts as a seal. Resin also protects the tree from diseases as it contains antiseptic properties. Amber forms similarly to other fossils. Over time it loses its volatiles such as oils, acids, and other compounds, allowing it to begin the hardening phase. It must also become buried in very low oxygen environments.

Amber is said to help draw out disease within the body. It helps regenerate the nervous system and brings balance to the body. Many also use amber to help alleviate stress and reduce negative energies. It stimulates the intellect, helping bring out self-confidence along with self-expression.

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