Unakite & Peach Aventurine Bracelet with Lotus Charm

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Stone: Unakite & Peach Aventurine

Bead: Round 8mm

Average Length: 7 in.

Unakite was first discovered in western North Carolina, United States. Its name comes from the mountain range it was first found on, Unaka Mountain Range. Scientifically, unakite is not a mineral, but a rock. This is because its composition is comprised of multiple minerals. These are orthoclase (pink), epidote (green), and quartz. This rock is formed when granite is altered by hydrothermal fluids. 

Unakite helps bring balance and integrity to the mind, body, and soul. Often considered a health stone, many people work with this stone during pregnancy. 

Chemical Formula: Ca2(Al,Fe)3(SiO4 )3 (OH) & KAlSi3O8

Commonly found in Brazil, China, South Africa, and the United States.

Peach Aventurine is a variety of translucent quartz that contains inclusions. Light entering the mineral reflects off these inclusions. This is known as "aventurescence" and is present in other minerals. Aventurine is derived from the Italian word "venture" meaning chance. Red aventurine is created by goethite or hematite inclusions. Other colors of aventurine can be caused by inclusions of lepidolite, fuschite, muscovite, and ilmenite.

Peach Aventurine is a great mineral to use if you are a naturally shy or anxious individual. It is said to help soothe the nervous system and help with your inner thoughts.

Our gemstone bracelets are a favorite for many of our customers. Each one is composed of genuine gemstones. We have pretty much every color under the sun for you to choose from! If you want one that we do not carry, send us an email. We can make it for you!

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